• What is Yoga intervention?

    Yoga Intervention is a service providing yoga classes to private and corporate clients in London.


    Put simply, Yoga means union. It comes from the Sanskrit root meaning to join, or unite...


    ...but unite with what?


    Yoga Intervention would like to offer the following unions of:


    Body, mind and spirit

    Conscious and unconscious mind

    lower self and higher self

    One's masculine and feminine energy

    One's 'everyday nature' with one's 'true nature'

    Yin and Yang


    The definition of intervention states 'the action or process of intervening' or to come between.


    With that in mind, it is important to note that Yoga Intervention is NOT the intervention. YOU are your own intervention. This can be expressed by the Yoga Intervention logo represented by Y and i:


    Y being the outer you

    i being the inner you


    The intervention is driven from an inward call for balance and harmony.


    Everything starts with i.

    Taking responsibility for your i.

    Yoga Intervention

    Yoga Intervention is here to assist you on your journey towards your inner you - a service providing private and corporate yoga classes across London.


    Yoga Intervention follows the Hatha Yoga system, a traditional form of yoga focused on slow-paced stretching with pranayama breathing exercises and full relaxation.


    Classes are aimed at improving:

    • Flexibility and physical strength
    • Breathing
    • Memory, focus and concentration
    • Energy, mental alertness and clarity
    • Stamina and posture

    In addition, classes aim to reduce:

    • Stress, anxiety and depression
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle tension and pain
    • Headaches
    • High blood pressure
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  • Who is yoga intervention?

    Angela Tharmakumar - Chief Balancing Officer

    The 80s

    I enter the world

    Born in North Shields, Tyne & Wear. Off with the fairies most of the time. Inquisitive and curious. Chatty would be an understatement.

    The 90s

    Coming of age

    A lover of sports, music, singing, dancing, drawing, poetry and all things creative.




    The experimental years

    Flew the nest, 2:1 in Marketing Management, singer in two 9-piece bands as well as other singing and dancing ensembles, head office corporate jobs, yoga enters my life via my friend Neil Patel.






    I lose all sense of i

    30+ years of conforming to society and influences in life lead me to lose all sense of i. At the age of 32 I ask myself honestly, who am I? I also realise I must take responsibility for my i.


    This year I held on tightly, I feared the unknown and began the process of letting go.


    My intervention begins

    I left everything I knew to start the year in a yoga retreat in Bahamas. For three months I began to address my i through yoga, meditation, discourses and challenging my fears through self enquiry. My i awakens. I end the year back in Bahamas qualifying as a Sivananda Yoga Teacher (200 hour).


    This year I served, I surrendered, I opened my heart, I set intentions and I began to build my own set of beliefs.


    Practice makes perfect

    In Bahamas, I taught yoga and continued to delve deeper into my i. I flew back to London where I continued to teach yoga, I started up mandala/drawing classes, I established my daily meditation practice and I read...lots!


    This year I focused on my physical and mental practise, I realised I was a teacher and I became the observer of my mind.


    The learning never stops

    I embarked on a second Yoga Teacher Training course with Chi Kri Yoga (200 hour).


    This year I established firm foundations, I listened, I explored and I meditated in nature and learned how to ground.


    No time like the present

    I started the year in Bali and ended the year in my own flat. A greater sense of i had awakened, ROSE sessions started and Yoga Intervention took life.


    This year I trusted, I heard my calling, I took the plunge, I rode the waves & scanned the horizon.


    Relax and enjoy

    I explored new paths and I created space to just be, which involved lots of relaxing and trying to strike a balance between doing lots and doing very little.


    This year was about relaxation and simplicity. I taught, I learned and I loved.


    Lead by example

    I learn the importance of resurfacing unhealthy habits/patterns and shining a light of awareness. I took a big step towards striking work-life-balance by going from a 5-day to a 4-day work week so I can volunteer on my extra day.


    This year is about serving myself and serving others in my community to be the best version of themselves.




    Yoga Intervention is the umbrella to a number of services.

    Private Yoga

    1-2-1 classes in your home

    A yoga class with me will allow you to slow down, worry less and love more.


    Yoga improves strength, flexibility and stability in both body and mind. It gives enormous support in stress releasing and other health issues such as tension, stiffness, fatigue, headache, backache, high blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia.


    I understand how daunting yoga can be to someone new, so my aim is to understand your needs and create a class suited to those needs. You will receive clear yet warm direction within a caring, safe and nurturing environment.


    Classes are 75 minutes and include:
    - Pranayama (breathing exercises)
    - Warm-ups including Sun Salutations
    - Asanas (postures) which are modified based on the level of the client
    - Full body relaxation


    Classes are motivational with a focus on strengthening and lengthening the entire body and core alignment. Classes are breath-led, and cultivate self-awareness, healthy alignment and balance.


    I am dedicated and passionate about improving my clients health and lifestyle and will always go the extra mile to ensure clients are given clear instructions, adjustments and advice along the way.


    Yoga as a form of exercise is an action of self love.

    Corporate Yoga

    Productive and happy employees?

    Workplace well being studies have shown a typical day in the office can include stress, fatigue, an inability to concentrate, loss of interest in work tasks, muscle tension, headaches, and feelings of pressure, anxiety and irritability. A yogic workplace intervention can help to create a workforce that are more balanced in both mind and body.


    Yoga in the workplace is one way to support employees well being with benefits including but not limited to increased energy/reduced fatigue, improved concentration and focus, reduced stress, and increased morale.


    You provide the space and I'll provide the service.

    ROSE Sessions

    Relax, Open Soul, Explore Sessions

    I believe it is important to bring ones outer physical body into a state of full relaxation through releasing the weight and burdens of life before one can really look to do any inner work/reflection. For this reason I have constructed a session that looks to relax the body, with the intention of opening the lines of communications with the soul to enable one to fully explore. I call this the RELAX, OPEN SOUL & EXPLORE (ROSE) sessions.


    The four-hour session comprises of:

    • An introduction to the session 
    • Warm up exercise (called  Sun Salutations to warm up and relax the body)
    • Breathing exercise (to lower breathes per minute to calm both the body and mind)
    • Tennis ball exercise (a deep rolling exercise to work out any tensions in the back muscles and buttocks)
    • The Wheel of Life (exploration exercise where the client taps into their hopes and fears at two points in time)
    • Conclude the session (review key themes and actionable next steps)

    Drawing sessions

    "The essence of drawing is the line exploring space" - Andy Goldsworthy

    The Drawing sessions are designed to encourage silent creativity and self-expression as a vehicle to reduce stress, improve focus, increase awareness and connect deeper within yourself to allow the subconscious to surface and release onto the paper through creative expression.


    A simple set of instructions and guidance is provided to get you relaxed and focused and then you are free to explore, create and find your flow. No drawing experience needed.

  • Pricing

    Private Yoga

    £60 for 75 minutes


    * Longer sessions up to 2 hours and discounted block bookings available upon request.

    * For additional people, please enquire.

    * Sessions are typically held in the clients home however open to discuss other suitable options.

    *Yoga mat needed as well as comfortable clothing and a bottle of water.

    * Live in Barking? Classes are £30 for 75 minutes.

    Corporate Yoga

    Corporate yoga classes are discussed and tailored on a client by client basis. If you are interested in classes in your office please send an email to info@yogaintervention.com with details of your location, regularity of class, timing of class, estimated number of participants and confirmation that you have space (including size of space) within your office/elsewhere.

    Rose sessions

    Price on request (sliding scale based on income)


    * 2-4 follow up sessions recommended.

    * Sessions are held in the clients home.

    Drawing sessions

    Price on request (sliding scale based on income)


    * Session includes all equipment, explanation, guided meditation, and space to create.

    * Sessions are held in the clients home however open to discuss other options.

  • Testimonials

    George, West London

    Private Yoga

    “I have to admit, I have been doing different types of yoga for the past 5 years and Angie’s class is by far the most traditional and authentic one I have done. It is a mixture of breathing exercises, relaxation and physical postures. It is in essence what yoga is about. She takes her time to explain, never in a hurry or in pursuit of the clock, and never pushes you more than your body can take. The benefits of the classes are showing in my daily life. Even outside class hours she is always responsive to any questions I have. I highly recommend her!”

    Bella, Central London

    Private Yoga

    “Angela has been working around my crazy work schedule and coming to my home in London Bridge for early morning yoga classes. I am a beginner level student, but after trying a few other one-on-one teachers, I absolutely love having found Ang! Like many of us, I lead a stressful and busy life but starting yoga with Ang has given me a confidence and energy boost to start a long day at work. We focus on breathing exercises for the first part of the class - at first I thought I would not realise much of a benefit in this, but now find myself thinking about my breathing on a whole new level - whether it is on a treadmill or during a stressful moment when I need to re-energise and calm myself. Angela caters to my physical energy levels every lesson. She senses when I am sore or tired and adapts the class to suit. Her method of instruction is both informative and reassuring. She is always friendly, positive and smiling, something I am always amazed at so early in the morning! Though I usually struggle out of bed to make a class, the fact that she is bright and happy at my door and eases me into my day, always makes me glad I made the effort! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Angela to those either keen to give yoga a try or to seasoned yoga students. I just wish I had more time to dedicate to this incredible and life changing exercise and way of life.”

    Tom, North West London

    Private Yoga

    "A very attentive and inspirational teacher."

    Rakhshi, South West London

    Private Yoga

    “I have tried various alternative therapies for dealing with stress, migraines and sleep issues. After investing a lot of time and money on Chinese acupuncture and also seeing a Physiotherapist, I found my back pain unsolved and unsettled, hence I decided to try Yoga. I am so pleased that I found Angela to give me private lessons. Her knowledge and training techniques are certainly helping me increase the strength in my muscles, tone my body and improve my breathing. Her patience and calmness helps me learn and I hope to continue lessons until I have mastered these techniques.”

    Jessica, North London

    Private Yoga

    “Being new to yoga and exercise in general, Angela made me feel comfortable and at ease embarking on what was only my third ever yoga class. Having at this point experienced two other teachers, who I had found difficult to follow, I was worried that my third time would not be the charm. However, I can genuinely say that Angela's consistent and gentle way of explaining each pose filled me with confidence in my own abilities and I was highly impressed that by the end of my first class I managed to do the crow. The pace of Angela's class was just right, and I found that with her guidance I was able to focus on my inner self in a way that I had not been able to before. Angela respects your individual ability, but at the same time will encourage you to push yourself to reach your yoga goals. I highly recommend her classes, especially for those who may have tried yoga before and not gained as much from it as they were hoping to.”

    Emma, Jane, Kayleigh, Jess, Kata

    Corporate Yoga

    "I leave feeling relaxed and energised with less tension"


    "I feel physically really energised and I forget about work stresses after the session"


    "I always come away feeling better and a bit more prepared to face the rest of the week"


    "Really nice thing to do after work to de-stress"


    "The classes are so friendly, welcoming and inclusive. I feel relaxed and able to focus on my practice during the session and enjoy the community atmosphere before and after. Great value!"

    Hannah, Helen, Colm

    Corporate Yoga

    "It offers me a space to mentally focus on something away from work and personal life."


    "Your yoga classes are the highlight of my weekdays!"


    "I just want to say thank you. I came to yoga not thinking it would hold my attention, but then it did seem to have a positive impact outside of the class. This was unexpected and quite pleasant. This was made possible due to your very clear guidance and the structure/content of the class."


    Corporate Yoga

    “Angela is a wonderful teacher. She is always considerate of her students. Stretching has helped to improve my back problems. Her classes have been great for my balance, stretching, breathing and concentration.”


    Mandala Session

    "I really enjoyed the session and was able to do much more than I expected. This was partly because the class was well-organised and well-thought-out by Angela. But moreso, it was because of her enthusiasm and inspiration and how she passed it on to me. Highly recommend this and anything else she teaches."

    South West London Client

    Mandala sessions & ROSE Session

    "I will always feel immense gratitude to the Universe for aligning my vibrations & enabling me to connect with Angela. In hindsight, I now know that our paths were meant to cross.

    As a member of her Mandala classes, I regained my inner confidence, snowballing a chain of events whereby it empowered me to take on the running of the class when Angela eventually moved on. There was always a sense of intense, internal cleansing with a feelgood factor afterwards. Through working with Angela, it has inspired me to research more about Mandalas and their effect in our everyday lives. How do I connect with the Universe? Cause & effect, inner healing. Intriguing stuff.

    I took the plunge and volunteered to try one of her ROSE sessions. Emotional & empowering stuff! I was at a low-point in my life & needed clarity. After my session, I had a visual chart in front of me, highlighting the areas that needed working on. (Pretty much all of them! Lol). Fast-forward one year and I've changed jobs, found love and taken on many new opportunities that previously I would have dreamt of doing but steered well clear of due to fear of failure.

    Life is good! Thank you Angela, thank you Universe. xx"

    East Midlands Client

    ROSE Session

    "Angela made me feel very comfortable throughout the ROSE session. Before we started, we discussed any health issues that may affect the physical activities in the session and she talked me through it all.


    Throughout the session, with the Yoga and the Tennis Ball exercises, Angela made sure that I was in the right posture/position as not to hurt myself, which made me feel very safe in Angela’s hands. By being made so comfortable, it was easy to talk to Angela in the Life Review.


    The session is hard work, but very enjoyable and Angela is very easy to work with!"

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  • vision

    The Yoga Intervention vision is to:


    - Support and inspire people to get in touch with their inner i with confidence

    - Challenge and empower people to become the best version of themselves

    - Promote prevention over cure

    - Bring yoga to London outreach communities